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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may return to the U.K.  this year to attend some major events and celebrate a few important occasions with the royal family, a royal expert says.

With the pandemic, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have not been able to fly back to Prince Harry’s home country since stepping down as senior working royals last year despite saying they planned to “balance” their time between the U.K. and North America. But they reportedly hope to change that this year if COVID-19 restrictions ease.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl told Entertainment Tonight that the royals are hoping to gather together in June for the annual Trooping the Colour. In the same month, Prince Philip will be celebrating his 100th birthday.

Prince Harry and Markle reportedly hope to be there when the statue of Princess Diana commissioned by Prince William and his younger brother to mark her 60th birthday is unveiled in Kensington Palace’s Sunken Garden on July 1.

“The much-awaited statue tribute to Princess Diana will be unveiled in Kensington Palace gardens on what would have been her 60th birthday,” Nicholl told ET. “And it is Harry’s intention, and Meghan’s also, to be here in the U.K. for that opening. It may possibly be the first time we see the brothers together, but I think that we will probably see them together in the spring around the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh’s birthday celebrations. COVID travel plans permitting.”

Nicholl also said that Prince Harry and Prince William now have a better relationship and are on speaking terms one year after the former quit his royal duties.

Addressing the brothers’ future reunion, royal commentator Phil Dampier has no doubt that Prince William and Prince Harry will put on a united front the next time they appear in public together.

“It will be fascinating to watch the body language between them when they meet up and I’m sure they will put on a united front,” Dampier said.

Meanwhile, royal biographer Ingrid Seward earlier said she doubts that Prince Harry and Prince William’s relationship would ever be the same.  The editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine suggested that it would take an “awful tragedy” to mend the alleged rift between the brothers.

“I rather doubt that they will ever get back to how they used to be. I really don’t think so. I think that’s probably a broken relationship. I think perhaps if something happened to Catherine or Meghan, the boys would be together again. But as long as their ladies are there and their families are there,” she said. “If there was an awful tragedy it would bring them together, but otherwise I don’t think that relationship will be mended.”

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