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South Dakotans Slammed On Twitter Due To Mask Mandate Resistance

Americans have their different opinions about the future mask mandate that President-elect Joe Biden might put in place when he takes office, but South Dakota as a whole isn’t having it. 

The South Dakota governor, Kristi Noem, openly has explained that she’s not going to implement any type of mask mandate for her state. 

Over the past week, cases of COVID-19 have increased tremendously in South Dakota, but Noem still won’t announce any type of mandate for any of her cities. Some cities took matters into their own hands and have created rules that make it mandatory to wear masks in public, according to Fox News.

Noem said in a press conference this week, “There are many states that do have mask mandates in place and some that do not, but I look at their rate of spread and the fact is, is that cases are increasing in many of those states as well.”

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The state has reported 219 deaths in November, as of last week, and is having one of the worst outbreaks the country is seeing right now, stated Fox. 

After Noem has been vocal about her opinions about this topic and COVID-19 in general, many people took their opinions to Twitter to express their thoughts about South Dakota. 

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