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When Edwina Bartholomew was asked on Friday if Donald Trump is attractive, the ‘Sunrise’ presenter couldn’t respond more quickly. 

The 37-year-old was quizzed about the US president during a segment on the Channel 7 news breakfast show that discussed whether Trump’s cameos should be erased from ‘Home Alone 2: Lost in New York’ and ‘Sex and the City’. 

“Is there an attractive element to him?” fellow host Matt Doran asked.

“I can tell you right now, the answer is no,” Edwina replied immediately. 

She highlighted that even if Trump is edited out of film and TV, he will still be talked about “regardless of how the impeachment process goes”. 

“He is being wiped from cultural history and political history, and he will be a presence in the American legal system long after this election, and perhaps long after the next four years,” she said.

During the discussion, Channel 7 news reporter Amelia Brace said she disagreed with Trump being digitally removed from the 1992 ‘Home Alone 2’ film, despite the movie’s star Macaulay Culkin saying he wouldn’t object.  

“I think we need to have priorities here,” she said, adding, “This is also the epitome of cancel culture”.

“Pretending that Donald Trump wasn’t in ‘Home Alone 2’ or he wasn’t president for four years is like pretending he won the election. You can’t just change things because it’s not what you like, and that doesn’t achieve anything.

“I would like to see him left in and in future, when my children watch this, which they will every day, we can discuss who that man is and that he was a president and some of the things he did.”

Watch the segment here.

Earlier this week, Culkin seemed to give his tick of approval when a fan suggested Trump’s seven-second cameo in the Christmas comedy be replaced with Culkin’s 40-year-old self now. 

“Sold,” he tweeted in response to the fan. 

When another fan uploaded an edited clip that showed the president edited out of his scene, Culkin again approved with a reply reading, “Bravo”. 

In the very brief scene that features Trump in the film, Culkin’s character, Kevin McCallister, is seen strolling through New York’s Plaza Hotel before he stops Trump, who plays himself, to ask for directions to the hotel lobby.

The Plaza Hotel in New York was owned by The Trump Organization from 1988 until 1995. 

As reported by HuffPost US reporter Curtis M. Wong, ‘Home Alone’ director Chris Columbus said in an interview last year that Trump would only allow the sequel to be shot at the hotel in exchange for an appearance in the movie. 

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