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“Pretty Little Liars” actress Tammin Sursok has revealed that her husband, Sean McEwen, is sick with coronavirus.

She made the announcement on Instagram on Wednesday alongside a photo of herself looking somewhat teary-eyed.

“My husband has Covid. And I’m scared,” she wrote in the caption. “Today I’m not as scared as yesterday but yesterday I felt very out of control. It was rough and touch and go. All the hospitals are full and his fever of 103 wouldn’t break for days and it got to a very scary place.”

The star said that she and her two daughters — Phoenix, 6, and Lennon, 2 — have tested negative for the virus and have displayed no symptoms. She added that they’ve been quarantining and following strict safety guidelines in Austin, Texas, including not seeing friends or eating out.

“The only place we could have got it is the grocery store [because] we haven’t been near anyone and the whole family is always masked,” Sursok explained.

She continued: “Covid is real. It’s scary and I now see it firsthand. I’ve been really scared and in a dark place and I’m writing this to say I’m struggling and I love you all and this community.”

Sursok then pleaded with her fans, asking them to “please wear a mask for yourself for other people. This is not something you want to get. Thank you for being here. You light up my life. Always.”

In a follow-up message on her Instagram story, the star shared that her husband is “doing a little better” and his fever is slowly dropping.

The “It’s a Beautiful Thing” singer added: “You don’t think it’s going to be you and your family [that’s infected] until it is.”

She also reiterated that “all the hospitals are full” and begged followers to wear a mask for the sake of themselves and others.

According to Johns Hopkins, Travis County, where Austin, Texas, is located, has had nearly 57,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus with nearly 600 deaths attributed to COVID-19.

Last week, the Texas Tribune reported that health officials were forecasting a lack of intensive care unit beds, and are potentially planning a pop-up hospital.

Tammin Sursok says her husband has coronavirus but ‘all the hospitals are full’ The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ Fox News.

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