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Returning after a one-week hiatus, the manga will showcase the crisis inside Tartarus. The latest leak and spoilers for “My Hero Academia” Chapter 297 are available online teasing a prison break.

The chapter is reportedly titled “Tartarus.” Twitter user redandblonde420 shared the summary of the upcoming chapter.

After capturing the Paranormal Liberation Front’s soldiers, the heroes are in process of transferring them to the strongest prison – Tartarus.

As League of Villains arrives at the prison, Shigaraki remains in custody inside one of the cells. “My Hero Academia” Chapter 297 opens with a shot of Tartarus and they describe it as a prison with the mightiest anti-quirk defense.

With the strongest defense in place, the prison prepares for a new batch of culprits responsible for the recent attacks. The next panel shows the guard inside the monitor room trying to contact the guards on the field.

Unfortunately, one of the guards is dead after an attack. The next panel shows Shigaraki as the security status turns red.

The panel in “My Hero Academia” Chapter 297 switches to two unnamed guards talking about the new prisoner named Gigantomachia. They believe he is Shigaraki’s assistant. Guard 1 wonders why can’t they eliminate the extremely dangerous villains instead of capturing them. However, Guard 1 point out they cannot kill these villains with bare hands or use heavy artillery on them, as long as there is a trace of a human in the villain, they cannot kill them.

Guard 2 announces they are not humans but monsters, just like the rest of the prisoners. The guards continue to debate how the villains should be treated.

Meanwhile, the panel changes to Shigaraki and his Nomu attacking the guards.

Shigaraki wakes up and tells All For One that this is his body. However, All For One tells him to rest as his regeneration quirk will not work if his body remains weak.

Shigaraki is mad at All For One for using his body to attack the guards at Tartarus while telling him to rest. They continue to argue as Shigaraki demands All For One to return his body.

Toward the end of the chapter, Shigaraki and All For One successfully break the prison as several prisoners start to escape. To make matters worse, the prisoners can use their quirks.

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