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Tesla is now taking orders for a cheaper Standard Range version of the Model Y. The new variant, whose availability was reported by Electrek, has a cheaper starting price of $41,990 compared to $49,990 for the Long Range model. The discount comes with a lower EPA estimated range of 244 miles rather than 326 miles, and rear-wheel rather than all-wheel drive.

Alongside the new cheaper Model Y version, Tesla is also selling a new 7-seat option for a $3,000 premium. The version has a third seating row, which can be folded flat along with the second row for cargo storage.

Tesla originally announced the Standard Range version of the Model Y back at the car’s announcement in March 2019. At the time, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company was targeting a release date of Spring 2021 for the entry-level Model Y with a 230-mile range and $39,000 price tag. However, in July last year, Musk said Tesla shelved its plans for the Standard Range model because its “range would be unacceptably low” at under 250 miles. This new $41,990 Standard Range Model Y appears to be a compromise on the original plan.

If you want to order the new variant, Tesla notes that estimated delivery times currently range from two to five weeks.

Tesla’s Model Y now available in cheaper Standard Range option The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ The Verge.

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