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Is there a country on earth more representative of the phrase “if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry” than the UK? And this mantra has really come into its own during the past ten months as England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales have flip flopped in and out of various national and local lockdowns. Humour has been our saving grace, with memes, tweets, sketches, and parodies popping up all over the internet – each with a distinctly British level of black comedy.

The latest development in the UK, announced January 4, 2021, is that England is entering into its third national lockdown, with the harshest restrictions back in place. Scotland had already imposed its own set of severe measures, and Wales and Northern Ireland continue with their own lockdowns introduced late last year. In other words, everything’s a bit sh*t.

True to form, social media has sprung into life, with users across the UK trying to find the funny side of our sorry situation. There are, of course, very serious struggles that many will face, not least the mental health challenges continued isolation will bring. For those finding it hard to cope, we’d recommend checking out this list of resources. And for those in need of a laugh, keep reading to find the funniest restrictions to lockdown 3.0.

Here’s hoping this time will be the last.

Cat Training *Is* Critical

A New Milestone

Groundhog Day

The Joe Wickes Barometer

I Became A *Total* Lockdown

The One Safe Place In Britain

Another Day, Another Cancelled Wedding

Guinea Pigs Aren’t Just For Christmas

Don’t Even Think About Sitting On A Bench

Fire Up The Couch To 5k

ATTN: Netflix

No. More. Banana. Bread.

Can I Copy Your Homework?

Just A Few More Months

Lockdown 3 Feeling Itself

Hunger Games Ft. Aldi

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