The swingers club reopens … and masks are not mandatory

Astonishing, but true: while the epidemic is far from behind us, the largest swingers club in the Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg) reopened its doors on Friday evening, after several months of closure.

Of course, the managers of Acanthus, located in Harelbeke, West Flanders, have introduced health measures: the maximum number of customers each evening is limited from 100 to 150 – against 400 to 500 in normal times – it is From now on, dancing is prohibited, and the buffet to eat on site has been closed in favor of table service, where a maximum of five guests are allowed in order to respect the distances, according to local media.

And if your body temperature is taken at the entrance and you have to go through a disinfectant mist and wear a mask in a large part of the complex, arriving at the “erotic” floor, the rules change. It is those of the sex industry that prevail: to get laid with one or more strangers, mouth masks are no longer mandatory. “It is indeed not logical” reacted the manager of the place, Gino Synhaeve, to our colleagues.

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