This damning ‘Day by day Present’ clip reveals how GOP language fired up insurrectionists – Thebritishjournal

What: A collection of clips that put last week’s Capitol siege in deeply unflattering context for GOP politicians and the media that exists to assist them.

Who: The editing team at The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

Why we care: Although it’s a bit long in the tooth, The Daily Show’s tried-and-true technique of a talking-head montage still has the power to pack a punch.

Especially when the editors have so much material to work with.

The show’s latest edition compiles a stultifying collection of powerful politicians and high-rated news anchors, all pushing the big lie that Democrats stole the 2020 election. “Heroes of the Insurrection” lays down some mockingly rousing orchestral music beneath one clip after another of people who should know better, encouraging true believers to “fight” against such tyranny, 1776-style.

I would say that this all looks rather damning in hindsight, but in truth, many observers—ahem—were calling out the danger in real time.

Now that the catastrophic results of such intentionally inflammatory language around election lies are undeniable, surely the people behind it before will have to tone down it now, right? Right?

No, they will not.

So much for “unity.”

This damning ‘Daily Show’ clip shows how GOP language fired up insurrectionists The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ Fast Company.

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