This Concept That BTS’ Jungkook’s Mixtape Title Is ‘Golden’ Has ARMYs Satisfied – Thebritishjournal

The theories keep coming! ARMYs are always trying to find any info they can on BTS’ next projects, and they think they found something really juicy about Jungkook’s upcoming mixtape: The title. Just before Suga dropped his album in May 2020, he gave fans a major hint it was called D-2, but it went right past everyone’s heads. ARMYs aren’t making the same mistake again. This theory that BTS’ Jungkook’s mixtape title is Golden makes so much sense based on all the teasers fans have gotten so far.

The most obvious reason Jungkook would call his mixtape Golden is because his nickname is the “Golden Maknae.” The “golden” comes from Jungkook being good at everything and “maknae” is due to him being the youngest BTS member. He associates himself with the label so much he even named his self-directed YouTube series “Golden Closet Films.”

The second reason fans are convinced they know his mixtape title has to do with his new blonde hair, which fans are calling the perfect shade of gold. He showed off the look on Saturday, Jan. 9, at the Golden Disk Awards. ARMYs were blown away because Jungkook rarely strays from brunette shades, making them believe he was trying to make a statement to promote his mixtape.

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