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Election Updates: Trump Campaign Faces Major Legal Setbacks; Biden Wins Certified

President Donald Trump continues to deny that President-elect Joe Biden won the election, more than two weeks after Biden delivered his victory speech.

Trump’s legal team, headed by Rudy Giuliani, has suffered several major blows in their efforts to disenfranchise voters and overturn Biden’s win.

A federal judge in Pennsylvania on Sunday dismissed a Trump team lawsuit that sought to invalidate millions of votes in the key battleground state. Biden won Pennsylvania by more than 80,000 votes, early election results show.

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On Saturday, the Trump campaign filed a petition for a new recount in Georgia, which completed its first recount Friday, reaffirming Biden’s win there. The president’s campaign is also pursuing a partial recount in Wisconsin.

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Trump, as he continues to push baseless allegations of voter fraud and ballot-counting irregularities, is stalling the presidential transition process. Biden urged the Trump administration to share its coronavirus vaccine distribution plans, warning a delay could result in more COVID-19 deaths.

Biden announced several senior White House staff appointments last week.

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Election Updates: Trump Campaign Faces Major Legal Setbacks; Biden Wins Certified The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ Huffington Post.

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