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The Trump administration’s sole success was in removing any lingering doubt that the right-wing is a death cult.

This president’s nihilistic indifference to the coronavirus pandemic helped kill 385,000, his incitement of his white supremacist followers left five dead after the Capitol insurgency, and his administration’s anti-immigrant family separation policy killed children. In its final act of bloodthirsty callousness, as a petty parting boast of its power, the Trump administration is now assaulting the rule of law to race through the planned end of the execution spree it began last year.

Dustin Higgs is slated to be killed by Trump’s DOJ on Friday night, about 24 hours after the DOJ killed Corey Johnson, who was pronounced dead at 11:34 pm on Thursday. If that happens, Higgs would be executed five days before death-penalty opponent Joe Biden takes office, reflecting the utter depravity and mercilessness of the Trump administration, whose lawyers have reportedly been working nonstop in recent days to overturn stays issued by lower courts for Higgs, Johnson and Lisa Montgomery, who was executed Tuesday, all so the president can prove his strongman potential on his way out the door.

Trump’s DOJ is Determined to Kill Until the Very End The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ The Daily Beast.

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