Twitter Criticized Vogue For Kamala Harris’ ‘Disrespectful’ Journal Cowl: ‘Is This A Joke?’

Kamala Harris’ fans were not happy with her Vogue cover and they blamed the magazine and accused it of being “disrespectful” to the first female vice president of the United States.

Several netizens were furious after seeing Harris’ cover on the Vogue magazine because for them it wasn’t as beautiful and fashionable as the other celebrities who graced the magazine cover in the past. Additionally, Twitters users felt that the magazine was being “disrespectful” to the vice president-elect.

“Delete the chucks picture and change the cover to the blue suit MVP agreed to…this is disrespectful,” one commented.

“Why do you have her in sneakers with my Sorority colors as backdrop?? This is DISRESPECTFUL to Kamala, my Sorors, and to black people! In no way this is how you shoot the first black VP or any VP for that matter. Pull it now!!!” a second user added.

“As a photographer that first photo seriously makes me cringe. Literally no artistic anything in that photo. Composition, colors, stance. Literally terrible. And coming from vogue? I don’t buy it,” a third user wrote.

One user questioned Vogue if it was joking. Another netizen shared Vogue’s cover for plus-size model Paloma Elsesser and Harry Styles and pointed out how their covers were way better than Harris’.

“Here are your last two covers, they’re beautiful. This cover is unacceptable. What the f–k were you thinking?” the user asked.

“Is this a joke ?! The Kardashians get more respect from Anna Wintour for Vogue covers than VP elect! What a poor representation of woman of color in power! Travesty,” @tacowhisperer2 commented.

Meanwhile, many also didn’t think Harris’ look on the Vogue cover should be an issue because they agreed that what was shown on the cover was the VP-elect’s style.  

“Because that’s her style. This was shot by a Black photographer who was the first to shoot a Vogue cover featuring Beyonce,” one commented.

“She wears sneakers frequently and I think it’s great they are in the picture,” another stated but added that she didn’t like the pink satin backdrop and the colors and lighting because they made Harris look washed out and “not the powerful woman that she is.”

“She’s clearly much more than clothes. It’s not disrespectful, especially to a culture? We don’t know you nor your colors nor what they mean. She is in an earned position of power. Celebrate that. Be positive. She can wear what she wants. She’s getting her job done, that’s prime,” a different netizen wrote

“That’s what she wears when traveling – this is like the 3rd time I seen something similar.  And, I’m sure VP Harris had approval over apparel on this,” another opined.

Twitter Criticized Vogue For Kamala Harris’ ‘Disrespectful’ Magazine Cover: ‘Is This A Joke?’ The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ International Business Times.

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