Twitter Seems For Melania Trump Amid Capitol Protests: ‘The place Are You?’

Melania Trump has remained silent amid the noise and chaos during the protests at the Capitol, prompting Twitter users to ask where the FLOTUS was the entire time.

Ivanka Trump and President Donald Trump got a lot of flak on Twitter for their statements about the rioters at the Capitol. After learning about the father and daughter’s thoughts on the protest, many have been waiting to hear from Melania. However, she has remained mum and this prompted the netizens to ask where she was while the riots were happening.

“Where’s Melania @FLOTUS with her fu–ing #bebest bull–it?” one asked

“Where are you now!!?” another commented on Melania’s New Year tweet.

“Where is @FLOTUS and her #BeBest campaign?” a different user tweeted.

“Where’s @FLOTUS be best message?” another asked.

Meanwhile, some called out the FLOTUS and asked her to take her husband to Florida. Others blamed her and looked for the rest of the Trump family members.

“@FLOTUS First Lady, please get your husband and take him to Florida, or somewhere, at this point it doesn’t matter where he goes. The woman that was shot in the Capitol Building died. That’s yet another person dead because of actions your husband has taken. Remember El Paso?” one opined.

“Where are @IvankaTrump @jaredkushner @DonaldJTrumpJr @EricTrump @FLOTUS now? You cowards. YOU allowed this horrible insanity. We will not forget,” @Aurelia15279437 tweeted.

Arden Farhi, CBS News White House producer, took to Twitter and said they tried to reach Melania for comment on the incident at the Capitol but got no response.

“No statement or comment from @FLOTUS on today’s events at the Capitol. We have asked her office for comment. Nothing,” Farhi tweeted.

Farhi’s tweet about not getting any response from Melania received mixed reactions from other online users. Some speculated she was busy packing, another suggested she never cared.

“#busybee getting ready for the big move… boxes to pack,” one commented.

“She packing and consulting divorce attorney. Too busy for comment,” another added.

“She really don’t[sic] care, remember?” a third user wrote.

Twitter Looks For Melania Trump Amid Capitol Protests: ‘Where Are You?’ The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ International Business Times.

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