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Ahead of the 2020 election, Twitter began showing a warning if you tried to retweet a tweet that had been labeled for potentially including misleading information. Twitter is now planning to expand that warning functionality to when you try to like a labeled tweet, the company announced on Monday.

Adding a warning decreased quote tweets of misleading information by 29 percent, the company said. It seems Twitter is hoping this new warning shown before likes of labeled tweets will reduce the amount of likes on labeled content.

The warnings ahead of retweets and likes on labeled tweets aren’t the only restrictions Twitter has recently put in place to add some friction to the platform and reduce the spread of misinformation. Currently, when users try to share a retweet, Twitter will open a window to compose a quote tweet instead of immediately sharing that tweet with your followers. You don’t have to write anything, though, and you can still post a standard retweet — just hit the “Retweet” button in the compose window. (Here’s our guide about how to retweet with the new format.)

Twitter last said the warnings before retweets of labeled tweets and the changes to how you retweet would be in place until “at least” the end of election week in the US. I’m still seeing the restrictions in place, nearly three weeks since Election Day.

Twitter to show a warning when you try to like a labeled tweet The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ The Verge.

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