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Two US Capitol Police officers have been suspended and a third member of law-enforcement arrested for alleged misconduct during the deadly riots, a congressman reportedly said Monday.

One of the Capitol Police officers was sidelined for taking a selfie with rioters, while the other allegedly donned a Make America Great Again cap and directed the President Trump supporters carrying out the invasion, Rep. Tim Ryan told reporters, according to The Hill.

“The Capitol police are looking at everybody involved that potentially facilitated, on a big level or small level in any way, and it’s important that they’re cracking down on that,” the Ohio Democrat reportedly said, noting that about 10 to 15 total misconduct probes are taking place.

Ryan chairs the funding committee, which oversees the Capitol Police.

A third member of law-enforcement has been arrested, Ryan said, though he didn’t immediately know the details of the allegations against them, or the agency with which they are affiliated.

Ryan did not identify the three individuals by name.

Ryan reportedly said that there was no evidence of a larger “inside job” at play in the Jan. 6 riot, which saw hordes of Trump supporters swamp the Capitol in a fruitless but bloody attempt to prevent the certification of Joe Biden’s presidential election win.

Five people were killed, including a Capitol Police officer pepper-sprayed and bludgeoned to death with a fire extinguisher.

The Capitol Police and other agencies have faced intense scrutiny for an alleged lack of preparation for the riot, and the ease with which officers were overpowered by the mob.

Two Capitol cops suspended, one law-enforcement member arrested in riot probe: pol The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ New York Post.

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