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Two Virginia police officers were arrested on Wednesday for breaking into the US Capitol during last week’s violent siege in Washington, D.C., prosecutors said.

Rocky Mount police officers Jacob Fracker and Thomas Robertson were off duty when they were photographed standing in front of a statue inside the Capitol, with one cop pointing and the other holding up his middle finger, according to a criminal complaint.

The cops have been charged with unlawful entry into a restricted area and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.

On social media, Robertson posted, “CNN and the Left are just mad because we actually attacked the government who is the problem and not some random small business … The right IN ONE DAY took the f—–g U.S. Capitol. Keep poking us,” the complaint states.

Robertson also said on Instagram he was “proud” of the photo because he was “willing to put skin in the game,” court papers say.

The photo of the officers had been circulating within the department until it was posted on Facebook.

“I wasn’t trying to keep it a secret. It’s being taken totally out of context. I’m not afraid of this being posted, because I’ve done nothing wrong,” Robertson told the Richmond-Dispatch Times.

Fracker, in a now-deleted Facebook post, wrote “Lol to anyone who’s possibly concerned about the picture of me going around… Sorry I hate freedom? …Not like I did anything illegal,” court documents state.

The Rocky Mount Police Department has placed the officers on administrative leave, according to the outlet.

Also on Wednesday, a Houston police officer was placed on leave after reportedly attending the violent riot that killed five people, including a Capitol police officer.

DC prosecutors say there have been more than 80 arrests in connection with the Capitol Hill violence and that number is expected to rise.

Two Virginia cops federally charged with storming US Capitol The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ New York Post.

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