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U.K. Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has denied reports that the British government plans to weaken workers’ rights following Brexit.

On Thursday, the Financial Times reported that the government wants to scrap protections granted under EU law — such as the 48-hour workweek, rules on rest breaks and the requirement to log daily hours — in a post-Brexit deregulation drive.

Kwarteng, however, swiftly issued a denial.

“We are not going to lower the standards of workers’ rights,” he tweeted. “The UK has one of the best workers’ rights records in the world — going further than the EU in many areas.”

He insisted that the government wanted to “protect and enhance workers’ rights going forward, not row back on them.”

The FT report had prompted an outcry from the opposition, with Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary Ed Miliband calling the plans a “disgrace” during “the worst economic crisis in three centuries.”

“Labour will fight tooth and nail against this attempt to deny even the basic rights we have to the workers of our country,” Miliband added.

Several opposition lawmakers were unconvinced by Kwarteng’s comments. Both the Scottish National Party’s Joanna Cherry and Labour MP Bill Esterson said “no one believes” the minister’s denial.

UK minister denies post-Brexit plan to weaken workers’ rights The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ Politico.

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