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A UPS driver who was caught on video going on a racist rant as he was delivering a package to a Latino family in Milwaukee has reportedly been fired.

Hugo Aviles, a police officer, was sleeping when he got a notification from his security camera showing the UPS driver spewing the racist remarks on his porch on Dec. 17, The Washington Post reported.

“Now you don’t get f—– nothing cause you’re a stupid m———- who can’t read and write and speak the f—— English language,” the driver reportedly says in the recording.

Shirley Aviles, 45, the police officer’s mother, said she had no doubt the UPS driver was referring to her 23-year-old son.

“He’s never met my son,” the mother told The Washington Post. “He’s basing it solely on the Latino surname. He meant it. He sent it back. It was malicious.”

On Tuesday, UPS announced it had fired the driver. The company did not release the driver’s identity.

His firing came after activists in Milwaukee held a news conference demanding the company takes action.

“There is no place in any community for racism, bigotry or hate,” a UPS spokesman told NBC News. “This is very serious and we promptly took action, terminating the driver’s employment.”

UPS driver reportedly fired after racist rant on Latino family’s porch The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ New York Post.

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