US airstrike in Syria wipes out 7 al-Qaeda leaders – Thebritishjournal Reports

A US airstrike in northwestern Syria is believed to have killed seven leaders of al-Qaeda affiliates, a military official said.

The strike was conducted on Oct. 22 as the alleged terrorists were meeting near the city of Idlib, spokeswoman, Maj. Beth Riordan, of Central Command, told the Associated Press.

The seven people who were killed were not identified, but Riordan said airstrikes like this will damage the terrorist group as they attempt to attack Americans and US allies across the globe.

On Monday, Afghanistan officials said they killed a top al-Qaeda propagandist who is on the FBI’s most wanted list.

Husam Abd al-Rauf was reportedly killed in a military operation in the eastern section of Afghanistan as the US attempts to pull out of the country after years of military presence in the region.

Details about the operation and al-Rauf’s death remain murky Monday night.

Al-Qaida did not immediately acknowledge his death after Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security intelligence announced the killing in a message on Twitter.

US airstrike in Syria wipes out 7 al-Qaeda leaders The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ New York Post.

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