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A woman in Los Angeles was assaulted by a pro-Trump mob that congregated near a city hall to protest Joe Biden’s election as President, much like the crowd that barged into the Capitol building on Wednesday.

Rioters stormed the Capitol building asking for the election results to be overturned, forcing security personnel to evacuate the lawmakers. In response to the violent demonstrations, DC mayor Muriel E. Bowser extended the active public safety order through Jan. 21, granting the administration powers to reduce business hours and ordering people off the road in case a curfew is announced.

Similar scenes unfolded in several U.S. cities. A series of photos from Los Angeles, shared on Instagram by freelance photographer Raquel Natalicchio, showed a woman standing in the middle of a group of protesters as one of them ripped her long wig off.

The photographer wrote that the attack took place near the LA City Hall. People from the mob asked the victim about her political preference and started to shove her. One of the photos showed a person embracing her in a bear hug, apparently to save her from being further assaulted. She was later escorted to safety by the passerby and the photographer herself.

The victim, identified as 25-year-old Berlinda Nibo, told Fox 11 that she was terribly shocked after the incident. “I’m still so shocked… I’m still shaking. I haven’t slept all night. My family’s calling me every second, my friends calling to check on me.”

“The gentleman who had his hands around me was trying to help me out. The entire time he kept whispering in my ear don’t move they’re trying to kill you … they’re trying to kill you,” Nibo said, referring to the man who bear-hugged her.

Natalicchio, the photographer, said in the post that cops didn’t intervene even though the police line was right across the street. has since gone viral with over 1,40,000 likes as of Friday.

A police spokesperson told Fox 11 that they were alerted about the attack when witnesses called them to report the incident. LAPD reportedly made six arrests in connection with the attack.

Viral Photos Show Los Angeles Woman Being Assaulted By Trump Supporters The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ International Business Times.

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