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The WhatsApp messaging service announced on Friday that it would delay changes to new business features after people around the world criticized the new policy.

The Facebook-owned company said it is “going to do a lot more to clear up misinformation around how privacy and security works on WhatsApp.”

Privacy rights activists heavily criticized the WhatsApp changes, saying it was the latest step showing Facebook’s poor handling of user data.

Users looking for other messaging options

Following WhatsApp’s initial announcement many users have signed up for other messaging services, including privacy-minded Signal and Telegram. Signal said that a massive influx of users had led to technical difficulties in delivering some messages on Friday.

WhatsApp also canceled its February 8 deadline for accepting the tweak to its terms of service, involving sharing data with Facebook servers.

“We’re now moving back the date on which people will be asked to review and accept the terms,” the company said in a blog post.

The delay could pose a hurdle to WhatsApp’s plan to generate revenue by making it easier to engage in commercial exchanges on the messaging app. Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion in 2014 but the messaging service has been slow to make money.

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WhatsApp delays privacy changes following backlash The British Journal Editors and Wire Services/ Deutsche Welle.

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