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A few months ago, when the world was in the middle of the pandemic, I started a new habit, writing gratitude lists on social media. This practice has been so helpful, it got me thinking that every person, especially entrepreneurs should try it.

Here is why:`

Building a startup is hard, recognizing the good makes it more feasible.

I’ve said this before many times and I’ll say it again. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. There are so many obstacles that an entrepreneur needs to overcome that it just isn’t right for everyone.

For example, there are several paradoxes you’ll meet along your journey as an entrepreneur. You need capital in order to build a product and get users. But guess what you need to get capital. That’s right, a product and users.

By writing gratitude lists, you learn to focus on the positive and the progress you’ve made, as opposed to the hardships and the many challenges you’re about to face.

It strengthens the motivation of the team to go on.

If not for you, write these lists for your team. It is safe to assume that in an environment like today’s, most of your team needs that push to continue. Seeing their CEO appreciate them and all they’ve done can be the catalyst for them to continue hustling.

It provides perspective on everything that’s going on and helps you focus on what’s important.

Nothing provides perspective like gratitude. When you start appreciating the roof over your head and the food on your table, you spend less time worrying about the bugs in your system and the down time of your platform. Perspective is everything.

It has the potential to inspire the team to appreciate the progress the company has made.

Sometimes, all you can see is how much left you have to the journey. To add to that, you are told not to look back but only forward. When you, as the CEO express your appreciation for all that’s been done, you are in essence thanking your team for all they’ve accomplished and helping them plan for the future.

As someone once said “When I talk to managers, I feel they’re important but when I talk to leaders, I feel like I’m important. It’s your job as a leader to push your team forward with positive reinforcement and gratitude.

It helps you avoid falling into a depression about all the challenges that lay ahead.

Listen, let’s just say it as it is. Mental health has become a massive issue during this pandemic. Depression is up, anxiety is up, and people are really suffering.

By expressing gratitude every day, it helps you and your team focus on the positive and avoid drowning in the sorrow of all the negativity that accompanies a global pandemic.

I’ve been enjoying this new routine of mine and not only does it help me start my day on the right foot, but it’s inspired hundreds of others to do the same. Try it. You won’t regret it.

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