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Dare Me first aired on USA Network in December 2019, but the show is getting a second life on Netflix. The show is currently number six on the U.S. Netflix top 10 series chart, and has also reached the top 10 in over 30 other countries. Usually, this would be a good sign that a show is set to get a Season 2, but this seems unlikely to be the case for Dare Me.

Why Dare Me will not get a Season 2

Though Dare Me has been a success for Netflix, it seems that it fared less well on its original network USA. In April, the network canceled the show after just one season, with The Hollywood Reporter noting a shift of focus away from scripted series may have been behind the decision. This means that, at the time of writing, there will be no Dare Me Season 2.

Of course, there is a chance that Netflix may decide to take on the show from now on and make another season of its own, after co-producing the first one. This is something that the streamer has done in the past—it co-produced the first two seasons of Canadian show Travelers, for example, before becoming its sole production company for Season 3. The streamer has also continued shows that had been previously canceled like Lucifer and Arrested Development.

At the time that Dare Me was canceled, it was reported that it would be shopped to other networks to see if anyone wanted to make a Season 2. However, we are now eight months on from the cancellation of the show, meaning that if Netflix was going to continue the show, they were probably already would have announced it.

Although, it may be that they were waiting for its release on U.S. Netflix, as the country is still probably the streamer’s biggest market. Dare Me did not make its way onto American Netflix until December 30, 2020, presumably as the USA Network-Netflix deal meant that the show could not stream in U.S. until a year after it had aired on TV.

As such, if Netflix is waiting for the American viewing figures before commissioning Dare Me Season 2, then fans should find out the fate of the show soon. Netflix usually uses the first month of viewing figures for a given series to decide whether to give it another season, meaning that by the end of winter viewers should know if the show is canceled for good or not.

Should the show get saved, there is plenty more story to tell. The series is based on a book by Megan Abbott, but the first season does not tell the complete plot of the novel, and the first season ends with a big twist that set things up for more

The show’s co-creator Gina Fattore said in an IndieWire interview: “We really wanted to keep things open, but leave a lot of fun territory to be explored in the second season. You have this endpoint in mind, but you see the actors bring so many new things as you go along.”

Dare Me is streaming now on Netflix.

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