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While most fans are mourning the absence of Kim Cattrall’s Samantha in the newly-announced Sex and the City reboot, some are rightfully concerned about Mr. Big.

The Sex and the City movie sequel ended with Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) solidifying her happy ending with Mr. Big (Chris Noth). However, it seems unlikely the HBO Max reboot, titled And Just Like That, will simply let sex-columnist Carrie Bradshaw be happy in love! Boring!

Some fans are rightfully concerned the series will kill off Carrie’s now-husband after a journalist claimed Mr. Big died in an unrealized script for the third film back in 2018. However, Noth himself shut down those rumors later that year. “He wasn’t going to die,” Noth told Page Six. “There’s no way he was dying. That was all a lie.” 

So, who do we believe? Obviously, there’s no one better to ask than And Just Like That producer SJP herself. One fan did exactly that in the comments of Parker’s Instagram announcement. “This is insane. My favorite girls will be back,” the fan wrote, per Us Weekly. “But wait, what about Mr. Big?”

Parker’s response? “Wait and see,” she replied. I couldn’t help but wonder…maybe Sarah Jessica Parker was the biggest player of them all? 

Although it seems Parker is keeping Big’s fate close to her chest, she is taking suggestions regarding Samantha’s whereabouts. Don’t get too excited: It’s already confirmed that Cattrall won’t be reprising the role. 

Following the revival announcement, writer Taffy Brodesser-Akner tweeted, “Please respond below with your suggested plot line that explains Samantha’s absence.” She probably didn’t expect Parker to show up in her mentions, responding, “Pen and paper at the ready. X.” 

Either way, we likely won’t know the fate of either characters for a while. And Just Like That isn’t set to go into production until spring 2021, should COVID-19 restrictions allow. 

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